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Shin Hyung Cherl [Vice Chairman]

Education Experience
- the Military Academy
- Chungnam National University Administration (Senior Master)
- Director of the Army Facilities Group
- 6 Engineer Brigade Commander
- Army brigadier general's reserve
- Haenglim Architect's Office

Jung Guen Kim [President]

Education Experience
- Youngnam University (M.A. in Management)
- Graduated from Korea Army Academy (Majored in Civil Engineering)
- Wonju-si / Hoengseong-gun/ Chuncheon City Plan Member of 2008/2004
- Construction Director of The First Headquarters
- Facility Superintendent of The Brigade Headquarters General Management Director, Discharged as a Colonel

Joong Hyeon Song [Vice-President]

Education Experience
- Authorized Architect
- Graduated Seoul National University of Science Technology (Majored in Architectural Design) / Authorized Architect
- Archtecture Department of SamSung C&T
- Korea Formative Archtects
- Hanterin Architects, inc.

Ji Hyung Lee [Vice president]

Education Experience
- Graduating and commissioned officer of the Korea Military Academy (KMA, 42nd Engineer)
- 1st Airborne Brigade Facility Staff
- General officer in charge of protecting military facilities at the Joint Chiefs of Staff
- City Planning Board of Goyang City/Paju City ('05-06)
- Domestic marketing team for Samsung's industrial production division

Jong Kang Kim [Vice-President]

Education Experience
- Dankook University (Cheonan) Department of Civil Engineering
- Anyang City Hall Manager of the Tomo Department, Sewage Department, Construction Department, etc.

Bo Ra Kim [Vice president]

Education Experience
- Graduated from HanYang University(Majored in Construction-Environment system )
- Graduated from Western Washington University(M.A. in Environmental Policy and Planning)
- Completed the course of CEO in HanYang University
- DOSIM Arch. & Enc
- :Oversea & National wide Development Project Manager
- Developing Countries’ Culture & Welfare Service: DODREAM KOREA MINISTIRES
- Gathering Worship Coordinator

Lee Chul-woo [Former Director/Technician of Mechanical Equipment]

Education Experience
- Mechanical engineering at Yonsei University (S.A.)
- the Department of Defense Special Construction Technical Review Board
- Shinsung General Architects' Office Co., Ltd.
- Office of General Architects of Urban Engineering Co., Ltd.

Woo Sik Sung [Director/Architecture Unit 1]

Education Experience
- Graduated from the Department of Architectural Engineering at Sangju National University.
- Office of the Comprehensive Architect of City Center Engineering

Soo Hyuk Park [a managing/an architect/a director of architecture]

Education Experience
- Graduated from the Department of Architecture at Puchon University
- Multi-health festival
- Ye-sung Architecture
- Office of the Comprehensive Architect of City Center Engineering

Hwan Yeol No [Director/Architecture III]

Education Experience
- Graduated from the Department of Architecture at Induk Industrial College
- monolithic general building office
- Yurim General Building Office
- Serome Architects Office
- Future Architects Office
- S.G.A. General Office of Architect
- Dassault Office of Architect
- Elim Architects Office
- (Note) Synopsis of the General Building Office